The Chosen Path (2017)

When a conservative religious girl gets raped, becomes pregnant and decides to have an abortion, she becomes a black sheep of her religious community and has to make tough choices in separating faith, beliefs, and friendship.

Stand By Her (2017)

A short film about a heartbroken girl who runs into her ex-boyfriend in a coffee shop and the friends and strangers that unexpectedly rally behind her.

Visitors (2016)

A broken and divided family struggles to survive after a group of uninvited visitors invade their farm.

Poly (2016)

A documentary that approaches polyamory from the intimate point of view of an Afro-American family who decided to live an authentic life without denying the option of diversity in their love and family.


Screenings and awards: Cannes Short Film Corner – 2016


Interview with the director: We Are Moving Stories


Press-release: Latin American Director Releases Documentary About Polyamory


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Unorthodox (2015)

An orthodox Jewish teenager is struggling to find his path between his family’s culture and the temptations of the outside world by deciding to abandon his family for a world of underground music and a secular girl he falls for, but things do not turn out like he expected.


Screenings and Awards: HollyShorts Monthly Screenings – March 2016


Review: BVS Reviews


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What’s Next? (2015)

A man’s life has suddenly changed for the worse. The answer on how to keep moving forward might come in his own dream and from an odd being who seems to know this man pretty good.


Awards and screenings

1. InterShort Online Film Awards – Winner, September 2015 – Best Short Film, Best Director

2. Los Angeles CineFest – Official Selection, September 2015

3. Miami Independent Film Festival – Official Selection, Monthly Edition August 2015

4. Roma Cinema DOC – Official Selection, August 2015 – Short Film

5. Blackbird Film Fest – Non-Competitive Official Selection, 2015

6. Broken Knuckle Film Festival – Official Selection, 2015 – Slamin Short

7. The Best Film Fest – Official Selection, 2016

8. Silver Dollar Film Festival – Official Selection, 2016

9. Ozark Shorts – Official Selection, 2016 – Short Films

10. IndieWise – Official Selection, 2016

Mask-Up (2014)

A documentary that explores perception of female beauty by men and women through the story of Holly, a beautiful yet self-conscious girl who spends 2.5 h every day on make-up to look according to societal beauty standards.


Review: BVS Reviews